aaron alexander inspecting a frame to see what's up in the hive

aaron alexander inspecting a frame to see what's up in the hive

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thanks larken bunce, for this lovely shot of our home passionflower used for medicine making.

thanks larken bunce, for this lovely shot of our home passionflower used for medicine making.


We strive to have something every kitchen witch, herbal culinary epicure or creative friend would enjoy, or want to gift a loved one, at our home shop, open each Sunday from 1-4 pm during our July through Thanksgiving season.


Raw Honey in Mason Jars:                                   pints $14/quarts $21/half gallons $38

Raw Honey in Bulk Buckets: one gallons/12 lbs. $72 five gallons/60 lbs. $255 

Beeswax Candles/Small Circle Molds/One Pound Bricks: we keep a variety of shapes, sizes and prices of beeswax candles stocked in our shop, as well as pound-sized bricks and ounce-sized molds convenient for use in salve or cream making, or whatever else you might get up to with good, clean beeswax. we’re very proud of ours. we sell most of it in bulk to larger-scale buyers in the fall each season, after we’ve extracted our honey crops and had a chance to get around to rendering the wax from these extractings into a pure 100% wax-capping beeswax crop. we keep just a bit of it for ourselves and the shop for the next year. pure, well-handled beeswax is a miraculous thing, akin to a classic copal or myrrh resin or other incense standards. its fragrance is truly heavenly. it burns cleaner then any other wax, gaining it an endorsement from the american lung association as the only truly safe candle. in fact, it actually cleans the air as it burns. you can fact check that one, folks!

One Pound Bricks: seasonally available until they’re sold out - small $16/ large $19            

Propolis Extract:                                  2 oz. $21

Infused Vinegars: $16.50                             Infused Honeys: $16-$20              

Simple Tinctures: Our organically grown or ethically wild-crafted 2 oz. $18 and 4 oz. $32: boneset/calendula/costmary/ elecampane root/hawthorn LBF/ hops flowers/lemon balm/linden elixir/motherwort/mullein/mug-wort/nettle/rose/tulsi/sage/self heal-all heal/ scullcap/reishi/ medicinal mushroom combo - turkey tail, reishi, maitake/wood betony/vervain/yarrow

After each season’s harvest from hives and garden, its time to make potions. Each fall we offer a seasonal round of elixirs, cordials and syrups to keep us healthy and happy through the long Vermont winters.

Sleepytime Syrup: a relaxing decoction of herbs with brandy and raw honey to help us relax and ease into rest.

Bitter Hounds of Hell: a blackcurrant and brandy-based elixir with some bitter herbs specific to hoarseness, throaty coughs and upper respiratory infections with some nervines added to make being sick a little less awful.

Berry Big-Hearted Cordial: A tart hawthorn based cordial with our own organic and wild-crafted blackcurrant, raspberry, sour cherry, blueberry, wild strawberry, elderberry and aronia berries with tulsi, lavender, brandy and raw honey. A delicious heart-aiding cordial with vitamins, minerals, anthocyanins. Meant to be sipped on its own, it’s also delicious in mineral water, tea, or fortifying a glass of champagne or wine.

Natural body care products and 100% beeswax candles help us create and sustain cozy heart -the finding, nurturing and keeping of our connection to true core in the dream time of winter in the northwoods.

Our Natural Body Care Products are just that. truly natural and nothing else. no preservatives, no synthetics, of any kind. they’re made with plants, spring water, carrier oils, essential oils, honey, beeswax, propolis, salts, seaweeds, vinegar, love and magic. we grow most of the herbs we use in our products in our own gardens and we wildcraft others on our own land, or land we know and trust around us in north-central vermont, and occasionally on our travels. ingredients we need to buy are sourced for organic, fair trade, and sustainability.

Facial Rejuvenation Oil (FRO): organic carrier oils infused with organic herbs, tinctures and 13 essential oils for dry, aging, irritated, parched skin; also an effective treatment for radiation burns from cancer treatment or to reduce old scarring. our best selling non hive and honey product.

Royal Oil Cleanse and Treat: an essential oil free skin serum oil for sensitive skins that can be used interchangeably as an oil cleanser. Based on strong fresh herb infusions, it works some anti-inflammatory, soothing, treating botanical wonder for those with skin sensitivities.

Capillary Love Tx Oil: a teeny drop or two gently massaged on areas of broken capillaries and large pores helps to reduce the appearance of these areas over time, while strengthening the walls of capillary veins and decongesting. just a wee drop massaged in these areas daily is all that’s needed.

Queen Bee and Rose Face Balms: wild-crafted and our own organically grown roses with organic indian green tea and other soothing and nourishing herbs infused in lush organic carrier oils with beeswax make for rich buttery balms. designed to be used over your other face treatments or on their own. our skin gets especially parched in wood-stove heated winter houses and from outdoor work and play in our 7 month winters. adding a balm in the colder months helps to naturally protect and seal your skin’s mantle, and the natural way with the beautiful benefits of beeswax. You can see and feel a difference in a week or so.

Deep Green Body Oil: balsam fir, white pine, cedar and spruce tips solar-infused in organic evoo, jojoba and sunflower oils with oakmoss and balsam peru essential oils. Soothing, decongesting, magically protective body oil from the green ridgelines of Mt. Worcester.

Ginger Moon Oil: Organic jojoba, sunflower and grapeseed carrier oils infused with organic ginger root, cacao powder, lemon balm and linden, with some soothing, balancing and relaxing essential oils. Originally made as a moon time massage oil it’s also a great upset tummy rub, anti-nausea car aide or lovely body and bath oil. A personal fave, I like to massage some on my neck and chest as I go to bed to read.

Heal and Protect Body Butter: a winter balm version of our strongest treatment skin product for those with sun damage from over exposure, working outdoors or simply worshipping nature, who might experience actinic keratoses, rosacea, age spots, wrinkles and other results of more uv damaged skin. Using strong infusions of botanicals showing potential to delay, halt and sometimes reverse the progression of pre-cancerous cellular changes in photo-damaged skin. it’s buttery, golden green and strongly anti-inflammatory and deeply moisturizing. Use it every day.

Toner: a refreshing everyday toner with aloe, hydrosols, essential oils and raw honey. Gentle, soothing and balancing for all skin types, it’s especially helpful in our dry, woodstove-heated months. we change this recipe up each season with different hydrosols, essential oils, herbs and energetic essences but always make it suitable for many skin types and conditions.

Holy Hair products: includes an organic garden-raised flower- infused vinegar rinse, and an all-purpose grooming hair oil.

Bee Haven Deodorant: an au naturel approach to our pits, with aloe, propolis and antibacterial/microbial botanicals and none of the very concerning ingredients in many pit products. A minimal, clean herbacious fragrance.

Many of our non-honey natural products are one time batches that are gone once they sell out. I can often make you more of something if you fell in love with it. Reach out and I’ll let you know if i can make you a personal stash.

Magicals and Ceremonials

Bath Salts: for purification, cleansing, letting go, or preparation for ceremony, we stock a changing variety of magical bath salts for more then relaxing and detoxification, though we’ll often have these, as well.

Body Balms: We stock one or two body balms intended to nurture our souls energetically as well as being useful moisturizers for hair and body. A favorite now is the sweet heart body balm with fair trade organic coconut oil strongly- infused with wild rose petals, tulsi, calendula and jasmine flowers. An energetic dose of high-vibrational flowery soothing sweetness, it helps soften hard feelings and thaw out frozen hearts in scary times.

Spirit Smoke Incense: mugwort, rowan leaf, apple leaf, silver king sage, white sage, hawthorn leaf, berry and flower, lavender leaf and flower, hyssop, thyme, cedar, juniper berries, fir needles, elecampane flowers, staghorn sumac flower berries, calendula, passionflower, apple mint, costmary, propolis, white copal, frankincense, myrrh and pinon pine resin. designed to be burned on an incense charcoal, i adore this bioregional mixture of grown and wildcrafted plant spirits with a few classic resins added in. feed your gods, your ancestors, your helpful spirits.

“Recognize that peace is the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which we are a part.” an excerpt from the Earth Charter