Our raw honey and other hive products are available throughout the season, or until they sell out, at our home shop or when we're vending at the Montpelier Farmer's Market. See the Dates and Events page for our 2017 dates at the market. 

Many of our other products are small run, single-batch offerings. From medicinal and culinary infused vinegars, whole herb-infusion-based body care products, bioregional smudgesticks and incenses, to our cordials and simple herbal tinctures made with our own organically grown herbs and fruit, we strive to have something every kitchen witch, culinary epicure or creative friend would like to enjoy or gift to a loved one.  

Message me if you'd like to receive a list of the products we have available at the moment and I'll send you a list of our current offerings. 

We do ship many of our products, though mason glass jars of honey are expensive to mail, many of our other products ship reasonably and well and we're happy to send them near or far afield. We also ship our bulk honey buckets to raw honey fans around the country. Though it costs a pretty penny, some people apparently think it's worth it and that really tickles us. 


Our Regular Products:

Raw Unfiltered Honey:  Pints $14, Quarts $22 and Half Gallons $38

Bulk Buckets of Raw Honey: One Gallon/12 Lbs. $64, Five Gallon/60 Lbs. $225 

Propolis Extract: 1 oz. $13.50/ 2 oz. $22.50

Beeswax Candles $7-45                                                     1 oz. Beeswax Bars $3.50                                                      1 Lb. Filtered Beeswax Bricks $14.25                         (We no longer sell bulk beeswax.)

Herbal Tinctures: Baikal Scullcap, Boneset, Calendula, Costmary, Elecampane Root, Hawthorne (Leaf, Berry and Flower), Wild Rose, Horehound, Hyssop, Lemon Balm/Melissa, Medicinal Mushroom (Turkey Tail, Maitake and Reishi), Motherwort, Mugwort, Mullein, Reishi Single, Sacred Basil/Tulsi, Self-Heal, Skullcap, URI/Lung Formula, Vervain, Wood Betony, Yarrow, Elderberry Raspberry Cacao, Blackcurrant             Cacao/2 oz. $18 or 4 oz. $32  

Classic Medicinal Oils: Arnica Oil 13 (with 13  Analgesic Essential Oils), Calendula Oil, Love Oil,  Hair and Scalp Oil, St. Johnswort Oil/      2 oz. $18 and 4 oz. $32