happy, messy hives

happy, messy hives

 summer bounty from the garden, the hives and the plants

summer bounty from the garden, the hives and the plants

 rose harvest in preparation for the making rose petal honey

rose harvest in preparation for the making rose petal honey

 aaron alexander inspecting a frame to see what's up in the hive

aaron alexander inspecting a frame to see what's up in the hive

 linden or american basswood in bloom in our la pierre apiary in chittenden county. sigh.

linden or american basswood in bloom in our la pierre apiary in chittenden county. sigh.

 calendula peaking in the garden

calendula peaking in the garden

We strive to have something every kitchen witch, herbal culinary epicure or creative friend would enjoy or want to gift a loved one at our home shop, which is open each Sunday afternoon from 1-4 pm in our July - Thanksgiving season. 


Raw Honey in Mason Jars                                   pints $14/quarts $21/half gallons $38

Raw Honey in Bulk Buckets one gallons/12 lbs. $72 five gallons/60 lbs. $255 

Beeswax Candles                                                  a variety of shapes, sizes and prices

Bulk Beeswax Bricks small $14/ large $17 seasonal -only when available            

Propolis Extract                                  2 oz. $22

Infused Vinegars $16.50                             Infused Honeys $14-18              

Simple Tinctures: Our own organically grown or ethically wild-crafted.  2 oz. $18 and 4 oz. $32 boneset/calendula/costmary/ elecampane root/hawthorn LBF hops flower/lemon balm/linden elixir/motherwort/mullein/mug-wort/nettle/rose/tulsi/sage/self heal-all heal/ scullcap/reishi/ medicinal mushroom combo - turkey tail, reishi, maitake/wood betony/vervain/yarrow

In the fall, after harvest and potion making from our seasonal garden, we offer a variety of elixirs, cordials and syrups designed to keep us healthier through our long and often intense Vermont winters and to help us sustain cozy and find our connection to true core in the dream time of winter space…

Natural Body Care

Facial Rejuvenation Oil (FRO): organic carrier oils infused with organic herbs and 13 essential oils for dry, aging, irritated, parched skin, an excellent treatment for radiation burns from cancer treatment and to reduce scarring.

Royal Oil Cleanse and Treat: an essential oil free formulation for sensitive skins that can be used interchangeably as an oil cleanser and an oil serum after cleansing. Anti-inflammatory, soothing, treating botanical wonder.

Capillary Love Tx Oil: a teeny drop or two gently massaged on areas of broken capillaries and large and congested pores helps to reduce the appearance of these areas over time while strengthening the walls of the tiny veins in your face tissue while decongesting.

Rose Tea Lavender Face Balm and Melissa Lavender Face Balms: buttery beeswax based balms with strong botanical infusions, rose and green tea for dry and aged skin, and melissa and lavender for oily/acneic and combination skins, designed to be used over your other face treatment or on its own for active outdoor folks whose skin gets especially parched in wood-stove heated winter houses and from outdoor work and play. Helps to naturally nurture and seal the skins own mantle while the botanicals pamper and treat your face skin.

Heal and Protect Body Oil: a treatment body oil for those that have been in the sun and worked outdoors, using strong infusions of botanicals showing the ability to delay, halt and in some cases reverse the progression of damaged skin to pre-cancerous conditions. Strongly anti-inflammatory and deeply moisturizing. Safe for your face and everywhere. Golden with turmeric this oil gives you a little glow for a few moments after applying it. Use it every day.

Toner: A sweet and effective everyday toner with aloe, hydrosols, essential oils and raw honey. Gentle, soothing and balancing for all skin types. For use after cleansing or anytime you need to moisturize and refresh. Helpful sprayed a few times a day in our dry, winter woodstove-heated times of the year.

Holy Hair products: A vinegar rinse, an all purpose hair oil and a treatment oil for more potent results, using herbs and essential oils for a healthier scalp and better hair condition. Great for the curlies or naturals.

Deodorant: an au naturel approach to the pits, with aloe, propolis and antibacterial botanicals with a clean and light herbacious fragrance. gets the job done, too.

Many of our non-honey natural products are one time batches that are sold out when they’re gone, though I can often make you more of something if you fell in love with it. Reach out with a message and ask. If I can, I’ll gladly make you some for a personal stash.

Magicals and Ceremonials

Bath Salts: for purification, cleansing, letting go, or preparation for ceremony, we stock a changing variety of bath salts for more then relaxing and detoxification, though we’ll have this, as well.

Body Balms: We stock one or two body balms intended to nurture both our skin conditions and our souls on a regular basis. A favorite now is our sweet heart body balm with fair trade organic coconut oil infused with wild rose petals, tulsi, calendula and jasmine flowers.

Solar Oil: an anointing oil for any workings benefitting from power, growth, fire energy, creativity…a solstice sun formula.

Near and Far Incense: an incense made for burning on charcoal made from botanicals we grow in our own gardens or wild-craft on our land, mixed with traditional world-sourced aromatic incense classics like frankincense, myrrh and copal.

Spirit Smoke Incense: mugwort, rowan leaf, apple leaf, silver king sage, white sage, hawthorn leaf, berry and flower, lavender leaf and flower, hyssop, thyme, cedar, juniper, fir needles, elecampane flowers, staghorn sumac flower berries, calendula, passionflower, apple mint, costmary, propolis, white copal, frankincense and myrrh.

“Recognize that peace is the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which we are a part.” an excerpt from the Earth Charter