Our home shop's next open day is this Sunday, July 8th, 1 - 4 pm. We do not have bulk buckets available yet. We do have Basswood honey and Fall Aster, Japanese Knotweed and Goldenrod honey in mason jars. 

 Local Worcester, Vermont photographer Pat Hazouri took these top two pictures in our gardens. Thanks, Pat. 

Local Worcester, Vermont photographer Pat Hazouri took these top two pictures in our gardens. Thanks, Pat. 

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 swarms. magical!

swarms. magical!




We've made some changes at Bee Haven Honey Farm, our seasonal, green-hearted beekeeping business, specializing in true raw, unfiltered honey, made with reverence for the bees and the hives, along with a sweet spectrum of  other natural products. Read on to learn the details.

We now sell our honey and products only from our home shop on Sunday afternoons from 1-4 pm, throughout our July through Thanksgiving season each year. On the occasional Sunday when we're away, we'll post the date here, in the header, in advance, as well as in our Dates and Events section, so check before you head our way.

We no longer maintain a mailing list for reserving our one and five gallon bulk buckets in advance. They'll now be available on a first come, first serve basis when we have them. We no longer vend at the Montpelier Farmer's Market. We miss the vendors and our  customers but it takes a lot of pressure off the honey producers!

Honey crops are timed by nature. And from now on we'll only be taking a honey crop when the hives put up a large surplus of honey. It's truly not possible to predict when bulk buckets will be available, but when we have them, we'll post it here, as the header on this page, and anyone can come on Sunday afternoons, from 1-4pm, to pick them up until they're gone. 

Give us a call or message us in the box below to  get in touch.

Directions to BHHF: We're located a few miles south of Worcester village, right off Rt. 12 in north-central Vermont, or 15 minutes north of Montpelier. To reach us from Montpelier, take Rt. 12/Elm St. north out of town. You'll drive past the Wrightsville Reservoir on your right and continue through some flats in the woods until you come into Putnamville. Watch for the right hand turn onto Norton Road, the bridge that crosses the river. We're the first house on the other side of the bridge, a green farmhouse with white trim, with a black mailbox with a bee on it. Our dog is friendly. 

Richard & Genevieve    Drutchas
 18 Norton Road  Worcester, Vermont 05682
(802) 223-7316 or Message us below:

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