Bee Haven is open Sunday afternoons, 1- 5 pm, May through Thanksgiving. Our next open shop day is Sunday, August 25th.

YES, we DO have bulk one and five gallon buckets ready for pick up, of several different midsummer honeys taken from the hives in late July and early August. One is a predominant basswood/linden honey, another is a star thistle honey taken from our home/Worcester apiary, and the others are blends. You can taste and choose when you come pick up. We’re also waiting on a fall crop this year, so we anticipate having honeys available for the next few months.


Bee Haven Honey Farm has been making honey in Vermont for over 40 years. We specialize in old world-style, true raw, unfiltered honey, made with reverence for the bees. We sell our raw honey in quart and half gallon mason jars, and in bulk one and five gallon buckets, what we’re known for best, from a home shop. You’ll also find beeswax candles, propolis extract, botanically-infused honeys, simple medicinal tinctures and blends, cordials and elixirs, as well as our natural body care, culinary and magical products, all crafted with herbs and fruits we grow organically or ethically wildcraft. Our honey and natural products are prized by foodies, medicine makers, home brewers, families, herbalists and old timers. We’re proud to carry on Vermont’s strong tradition of beekeeping, providing high-quality hive, garden and woods-sourced products for health and happiness.

Directions to Bee Haven Honey Farm: We're located a few miles south of Worcester village, right off Rt. 12, in north-central Vermont, or 15 minutes north of Montpelier. To reach us from there, take Rt. 12/Elm St., north out of town. You'll start driving uphill and soon be driving past the Wrightsville Reservoir on your right, then over a bridge and through some flats in the woods, after which you come into Putnamville. Take the only right hand turn, onto the bridge. It’s Norton Road. Cross the river on the bridge and we're the first house on the other side, a green farmhouse with white trim, and a black mailbox with a bee on it.  

Richard and Genevieve Drutchas Bee Haven Honey Farm 18 Norton Road, Worcester, Vermont, 05682 (802) 223-7316

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